Group Pod

This journey is created for people who are looking to learn and grow in small groups while staying connected with a larger community and a practice cadence.

If you are:

· Someone who is looking to bring about change in your life

· Learn new tools and grow your inner wellbeing and wisdom

· Looking for a monthly immersion to refresh 

· Enjoy learning in small group settings

· Seek to keep up a practice cadence

then, this pod is just for you!

As part of signing up for this pod you will have access to - “Grow Wisdom” sessions, “Cadence retreats”, and “Community meditation and music” (please read on for more details). 

Group Pod Fees (USD)

Price/ Month): $ 18

Price/ Year): $ 180


1.   8 x Grow Wisdom Group Sessions (2 hours): (including recordings) These twice a quarter group learning sessions are intended to equip you with: 

- Wisdom from texts of ancient India and contemporary world  

- Knowledge of their application in our life today  

2.   4 x Cadence Retreats (1.5 hours): (including recordings) These quarterly experiential home retreats are based on varied themes. (including recordings)  Some examples:

Super Breath – deep work with breath and chants to raise energy and find calm   

Silence  - connect with the power of silence and, through that, grow inner awareness and peace

Heartful – themed retreats of meditation and conscious expression, on Love, Gratitude, and more

Art Play – playing with expressing through simple Art of various styles (for people of all levels for artistic skills) 

You may enjoy these by yourself or with friends and family. 

3.   100 x Community Meditation & Music Sessions (0.5 hours): Live Weekly Meditations of various themes and musical performances of various genres (including recordings)


4.   Discount: You are eligible for Special member pricing - 15% off on all other programs offered.       

Note: these are all designed to be virtual so you may join the live sessions from anywhere in the world and also have continued access to their recordings after.