1.  What are the timings for the sessions? 

Irrespective of the time zone that you are in, you will always have access to the recordings of all sessions. 

Our live sessions, are scheduled around the following timings (exact timings will be advised through regular notifications to your email) 

Community sessions : Sunday (9pm Singapore) and Wednesday (9pm US Eastern time) 

Cadence Retreats    : Weekend (9am Singapore) 

Grow Wisdom           : Weekend (9am Singapore) 

They will be conducted on Zoom and you will have access to recordings of all these sessions in case you miss them. 

2.  How long will I have access to recordings? 

Recordings of sessions will be retained for up to 6 months, so that you may catch up on sessions you missed and, also to replay them for your practice and growth.

3. May I upgrade or downgrade between the Pods? 

Yes, you may. 

4. If I am in Community Pod, may I purchase specific ‘Grow Wisdom’ sessions? 

As Grow Wisdom sessions require your presence across multiple sessions, it is advised for you to sign up for the Group Pod in case you wish them to be part of your journey. 

5.  If I am not part of Personal Pod, may I purchase One-on-One Sessions? 


One-on-One sessions are available for purchase as a package of 4 sessions USD 445 (SGD 600) or 6 sessions USD 555 (SGD 750).  

But subject to available time slots with the wisdom guide or teacher.

6. If I have subscribed to Personal Pod and have exhausted my 4 One-on-One sessions, may I purchase additional One-on-One sessions?  

Yes, you may. You will receive a 20% discount to the above rates. 

7. If I cancel my subscription, will I receive a refund? 

All our sessions are conducted digitally and are therefore accessible from wherever you are in the world. Also, recordings are made available for all sessions. So, at this point we are not offering refunds. 

8. I am unable to afford this pricing. Do I have any way in which I can subscribe? 

Our mission is make our offerings accessible to all. So, we have a few slots for those who volunteer their time and services to our cause. You may write to us at [email protected] with your request and circumstances. Please remember to include your name and location as part of this email. Your request will be subject to our review.

9. I am purchasing the subscription in the U.S./ EU/ UK. Why am I charged for tax?

U.S. sales tax is applied at the state level, and states laws vary on whether sales tax must be collected and remitted or not.

This means that whether sales tax is applied to your purchase will depend on your location. The same is true for the tax rate that will apply.

VAT is charged on purchases made by consumers in the EU and UK. In general, the location of the merchant doesn't matter—it is the location of the consumer that determines whether or not VAT should be applied.

Sales tax, if applicable, will appear in the checkout page as a separate line item (shown below), and on the student’s receipt.

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